Manus Makerspaces General Questions

makerspace-questions [at] mit [dot] edu

makerspace-questions@ reaches our mentors and staff and is the fastest way to get answers to your questions about the shops, what you can make here, and how to do it.

The communities and facilities at The Deep and Metropolis are supported by Project Manus Maker Technical Specialists. They’re backup for our student mentor leadership, training designers, and fixers.

Robyn Goodner

Maker Technical Specialist

Though her masters is in Operatic Performance, Robyn Goodner has spent her entire professional career making and breaking in all sorts of media. Hailing from UMass Lowell, Tufts, and Olin College, she specializes in creating peer-to-peer training programs and optimizing makerspace accessibility. Her areas of making specialization include CNC machining and woodworking, though she is obsessively learning to make all of the things.

Seth Avecilla

Maker Technical Specialist

Seth Avecilla specializes in delivering skills to students to shorten the path between their wildest ideas and reality. He is a Maker Technical Specialist for Project Manus. Having studied architecture and sculpture, he built large scale mixed-media installations, both for artists and high-end wayfinding signage, before running the fabrication shop for MIT’s Program in Art, Culture and Technology. People come to him for welded metal fabrication, precision or unusual casting and moldmaking, and electronics. Sometimes you will find Seth dancing as though to shake his soul loose.