Where Can I Make Next?

There are many great makerspaces and shops on campus where you can continue making things after you’ve completed MakerLodge! Click on any of the shops below to learn more. Remember – you should always contact the shop manager or mentors before starting to work in a new shop!

Metropolis 6C-006B

Metropolis is a makerspace for use by the MIT community run by Project Manus with the goal of optimizing hands-on trainings on all machines.

The Deep 37-072

The Deep is a makerspace for student use run by Project Manus with the goal of optimizing hands-on trainings on all machines.

Cypress Engineering Design Studio 38-501

The Cypress Engineering Design Studio is part of the EECS Department at MIT. It’s a space dedicated to teaching, designing, and building: both a classroom and makerspace.

Edgerton clubs & teams NE45-202

Edgerton Center’s clubs and teams programs take place in the most glorified makerspace on campus offering a full scale machine shop, garage and team offices.

MakerWorkshop 35-122

The mission of MIT MakerWorks is to foster a student community in a hands-on learning environment where modeling, prototyping, and validation resources coexist. MIT MakerWorks provides space and equipment for a community of innovators that focus on deterministic designing and problem solving. We are a student run space which focuses on increased access to a wider range of resources than available in many spaces on campus. Peer mentoring greatly impacts the learning in the space, as many shops have a large number of users, but a small number of experts available for teaching.

MITERS N52-115

MITERS is a student run shop for people to work on various personal projects. We are primarily a community that wants to encourage learning and pursuing extra-curricular interests.

ProtoWorks @ MTC E40-160

ProtoWorks is housed within the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, a center that provides the expertise, support, and connections MIT students need to become effective entrepreneurs. We serve all MIT students, across all schools, across all disciplines.

BeaverWorks NE45-202

The MIT Lincoln Laboratory Beaver Works Center (Lincoln Beaver Works) conducts research and educational programs that strengthen and expand collaborative efforts between Lincoln Laboratory and MIT campus.