MakerLodge FAQ

How do I get to Metropolis?

Metropolis, one of the Project Manus Makerspaces, is in the basement of building 6C. But you can’t get there from anywhere else in 6C!

Metropolis is accessed from the BASEMENT Infinite Corridor. Enter building 8 off the nano(building 12) courtyard and go straight across the infinite corridor. You should see teal directional signs.

OR enter building 8 from Eastman Court and immediately take the stairs down to your right. Make a left-right zigzag to enter the basement infinite corridor. Go about 40 meters and look for teal metropolis signs leading you down a hallway to the left.

The best entrances are small stars on the map below. Metropolis is the large star. Here it is on the campus map.

I’m not in the Class of 2025, can I still do MakerLodge trainings?

MakerLodge is a program specifically for first year undergraduate students and our focus in Fall 2021 will be training the class of 2025, so we cannot offer MakerLodge trainings to those outside of the first-year class. Undergraduate transfer students in their first year at MIT are welcome.

Do I automatically get access to other shops once I’ve been trained in MakerLodge?

After completing MakerLodge, you automatically have access to The Deep (37-072) and Metropolis (6C-006b) makerspaces for tools that you’ve been trained on! You should contact the shop manager(s) of any other facility you want to access and use. We’re working with a number of shops so that the Mobius credentials from completing MakerLodge will make it easier for you to gain access. As usual – when in doubt, ask a mentor or shop manager!

After I get trained, can I use MakerLodge to make personal projects?

Yes! MakerLodge takes place in Metropolis—you can come back to the space during open hours and make things for personal, academic or research use. Check the calendar for open hours!

How can I become a mentor?

Fill out our application form here!

My friend is trained, but I’m not—can I tag along with them and still make stuff?

No, it would be unsafe for you and for those around you. You have to go through training in order to get access to the space.

What if I’m interested in training on multiple tools?

That’s great! You can sign up for any of the additional training sessions hosted in The Deep and Metropolis. We’d love to see you there!

I broke a tool/machine, what should I do?

Make sure the machine is off and notify a mentor. We’ll take care of it—don’t worry, these things happen.

What if I have a question that isn’t listed here?

You can email your question to and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.