MakerLodge is a three-part extracurricular training program to teach making skills to MIT first year undergraduate students. The trainings are run by experienced students and include practice on several machines.

You’ll get training and practice on one of the two sets of tools below and make a couple of small objects to take home.

Fidget Spinner

Manual Tools:

  • Drill Press
  • Band Saw
  • Belt / Disk Sander

Digital Tools

  • Laser Cutter
  • 3D Printer

Who is MakerLodge for?

MakerLodge is open to and especially designed for all MIT First-Year undergraduate students, including undergraduate transfer students in their first year at MIT. You don’t need any experience or specific ideas of what to make, the training is for beginner makers and your mentor and classmates can help you explore the possibilities.

Why do MakerLodge?

The program will introduce you to some of the shops and makerspaces at MIT, and includes the orientation and general shop safety training required to access two of them, Metropolis and The Deep

You will also receive:

  • toolbox full of household tools
  • MakerLodge T-shirt
  • An Arduino
  • MakerBucks, which can be used to buy materials and machine time in MIT shops during your first year

What MakerLodge Graduates Make After Training

MakerLodge Manual Fab project rabbit
MakerLodge Manual Fab Student