Finding Equipment and Makerspaces

Across MIT’s campus, there are more than 40 major makerspaces with more than 300 different kinds of equipment. Mobius saves students time by allowing them to easily search for the equipment they need, find where it is located and ensure it is available at the time they need it.

Searching and Filtering

You can filter available spaces and equipment right from the MIT Mobius home page, as well as search for a space or equipment by name.


If you know you need to work with a specific material, need a specific capability, or need a specific type of machine, you can filter the list right from the home page. If you navigated away from the home page, click the FIND A RESOURCE tab to get back to it.

Below the map and to the left of the list of makerspaces are the filters. You can use them to narrow down the list of equipment that you’re looking for, grouped by together by shop. For example, to find machines that can cut and engrave acrylic, you might select acrylic under materials, and cut and engrave under capabilities. You’ll see a number of laser engravers/cutters highlighted in the results on the right, grouped by makerspace.

Figure 1: Filters applied from the Mobius home page.


In addition to filtering, you can use the search bar just below the map to find a particular makerspace by name, as well as equipment and tools. Searching is not as precise as filtering, but can often be faster. Specific results matching will be highlighted in the block of each makerspace.