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Nov 2

Patent Strategy for Entrepreneurs: Patentability Requirements V: 103 (Non-Obviousness)

November 2, 2021 @ 19:30 - 20:30


Patentprotection for inventions is a valuable componentof business strategy for startups and established companies alike.This webinar series prepares scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs fordealing with the patent issues they will face as innovators. The series spans awide variety of topics in patent law, including claims, inventorship,patentability requirements, the patent application process, prosecution,post-grant proceedings, litigation, and licensing. Although the focus willbe on US law, some topics are enhanced with the laws ofother jurisdictions as well. We discuss what recent developments in patentlaw mean for inventors, and draw examples ranging from the computer software tothe pharmaceutical industries.

Session#8: Patentability Requirements V: 103 (Non-Obviousness)

Startupsoften ask how non-obvious their invention must be in order to qualify forpatent protection. This session discusses the patentability requirementsfrom 35 USC 103 (non-obviousness). Goals:

–Understand and apply the standards the patent office and the federalcourts use to gauge the non-obviousness of inventions.

–Develop strategies for overcoming claim rejections due to obviousness.

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