As an MIT student and maker, you have a lot of options to get started with making on campus and learning different tools and processes.

First-Year Undergraduates

If you are a first-year undergraduate, the MakerLodge program is designed to get you started making with your preferred tools quickly and easily. Expect to spend about 30 minutes on an orientation, and 2 hours on MakerLodge training. Walk away with shop access, a new set of skills, Makerbucks to spend on supplies, and some very cool swag.

Other MIT Students, Staff, and Alums

You have the same ready access to MIT makerspaces and training as first-year students, although your training is more a la carte. Sign up for one of the 30 minute orientations to The Deep and Metropolis to get your foot in the door, then sign up for training on the specific tool(s) you are interested in. Getting started is as simple as that.

Mentors and Attendees of Previous Online Courses

If you attended courses that were previously online (all maker courses are now back to being in-person), or if you are working on become a mentor in an MIT makerspace, you can find additional courses below. Make sure you’re signed into to see your previous courses.