Looking for Scheduled Trainings to sign up for, the current Open Hours and Orientations schedule, and other events happening in Metropolis (including the Electronics Mezzanine) and The Deep? This is the master calendar for all three Project Manus makerspaces.

For full functionality, keep visiting this page and click on an event to see its details or to register to attend. For convenience, you can also subscribe to this calendar to see all events on your Google / personal calendar (but you will need to come back here to register).

Events in Metropolis and The Deep

Teal Tile  Open Hours! Walk-ins Welcome. Gold Tile No Walk-ins. Registration Required Trainings.


Subscribe to this calendar

You can subscribe to this calendar from your personal Google Calendar and many other calendar apps that can handle iCal links. Note that you will see all Metropolis & The Deep events on the subscribed calendar, you can't filter it to just certain types of events. Also, color coding and registration links will not appear in the subscribed calendar, so if you decide to attend a training event, be sure to come back to this page and register to attend the event. The instructions below are for Google Calendar, but the steps will be similar for other calendar apps.

  1. Copy the iCal link for this calendar:
  2. Go to your personal Google Calendar, usually at
  3. Paste the URL you copied above into the URL of calendar box on the "From URL" page and click the Add Calendar button; (Google will leave you on the "From URL" page but you'll see a small popup to let you know the new calendar has been created)

That's it! The calendar will now appear in your list of other calendars as Makerspaces. You can toggle its visibility on and off as needed.

You can also access this calendar on our LibCal scheduling software page. If you are a mentor, this is also where you can add new trainings and events.