FDM 3D Printer Checklist

Difficulty: Medium
Machine Hazard Class: 2


  • Is your print sliced for the correct printer, polymer, and nozzle?
  • Do you need a raft? Tall prints, or limited contact area with the build plate are best with rafts.
  • Is your print over 12 hours? Talk with a mentor about possible optimizations
  • If using a MakerLodge printer, will your print finish before the next MakerLodge Digital Training?
  • Put your kerb at the beginning of your saved filename
  • Save your slicer file (.3mf) on the same SD card or USB key to increase the chances we can re-start your print if it fails


  • Fill out the print log
  • Wipe print bed with isopropanol (COVID alcohol is fine) and a paper towel
  • Apply a thin layer of gluestick if printing PETG or your print is tall or has limited contact with the build plate
  • Start print
  • Monitor first 2-3 layers for adhesion or other issues


  • Clear bed of printed material
  • Wash off glue with with hot water, if used
  • Record success / failure on print log

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