The Laser Cutter isn’t Working! Troubleshooting in Metropolis

  • All lasers: the ventilation has to be fully powered on (steady green light)
  • All lasers: check the power switch
  • Fusion: check the e-stop
  • Universal: the laptop has to be powered on and USB plugged in – the laser controller gets its power from USB

Zing: first try unplugging the USB cable, wait a moment, plug it back in. If that doesn’t work, try power cycling the laser. Switch on the right side panel, toward the bottom back.

Zing: the laser sometimes makes copies of itself. Try selecting one of the other copies in the Print dialog, and send the job again. Note: you’ll have to re-enter your settings.

Universal and Fusion: try the Illustrator fixes below

The print preview in illustrator should show your whole file, at the size and location you want it to print. If the print preview looks wrong, the output will be wrong.

Zing and Fusion: in the Epilog Preferences window, set the “Piece Size” to either the size of the laser bed (Zing 24×12, Fusion 32×20) or the size of your artboard in Illustrator

In the Adobe Print window:

  • Turn off “Auto-rotate”
  • Set X and Y to 0, 0 to register to the upper left corner
  • to refresh the preview, click “Setup” then simply click “Print” again. There’s a bug.

First, double check the Document Color Mode [RGB], line-weight [0.1 points, .03mm], and color [#000000 for epilog, #FF0000 for universal]

Sometimes Illustrator sends vector output that is too abstract for the laser to understand. There’s a whole guide on just this issue

Note that you can send just the vector geometry by turning off raster cutting for the job.

Other laser cutting guides:

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