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MIT’s CopyTech Service, in collaboration with Project Manus, runs a 3D Printing Service for the MIT community. CopyTech operates a small number of FDM 3D printers in their CopyTech center in Building 11. For a small setup charge and cost of materials, MIT students, staff, and faculty can submit jobs to those printers online and pick them up in 11-004 once they finish printing. For additional information about the service see 3D Printing Service and 3D Printing FAQ.

How to share a file with another user

When you upload and slice a file on 3DPrinterOS, you can later share the file with another user for easy re-printing. 3DPrinterOS creates a new project for each set of files you work on. A project will usually contain the original STL file you uploaded, as well as the sliced G3DREM file ready for sending to the Dremel 3D printers. There may also be additional versions of the STL file in your project if you performed any file repairs or edits. Follow the steps below to share a specific file with another user.

  1. Sign into 3DPrinterOS using your MIT Touchstone credentials, by navigating to, finding MIT in the list of single sign-on organizations, and completing login using your MIT credentials
  2. On the MY FILES page, select the MY PROJECTS tab to view your 3D printing projects
  3. Find the project with the file you want to share in your list of projects, and expand the list of project files by clicking the small triangle next to the project name in the project header bar; if you want to share a file ready for printing at MIT CopyTech, this will be the G3DREM file, which is sliced and ready to send to one of the Dremel printers
  4. Click the gray button with the three dots in it for the file you want to share (it’s on the far right in line with the file name) and select the Share File button in the popup window
  5. Enter the MIT email address you want to share with into the email box (with the Email radio button selected), and click SHARE; you can optionally enter a quantity if you want to limit the number of times the user can print the file
  6. The name of the user you shared the file with appears in the list of users; you can return to this window at any time time to remove sharing access to your file

The user you shared the file with can now sign into 3DPrinterOS and they will see a new project in their MY PROJECTS list (named the same as the project you shared from) containing the file you shared. They can now print this file themselves. Note that they will not be able to edit or re-share the file. If you shared an STL file, they will be able to download it.


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