COVID-19 Procedures in The Deep and Metropolis

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This page is no longer relevant. The shops are back to normal operations, following MIT campus-wide protocols.

A few things are different in the shops in COVID-times.

Increased Access Control

  • Before you can use the shop, you must be added to the COVID-pass access list for our buildings. 2021 Makerlodge students are added automatically, other shop users should apply using this form one week before you’d like to come in.
  • Sign-in AND Sign-out on the sign-in stand at the entry door
  • Follow all MIT Policy regarding access control – violations get us shut down

Reduced Capacity

  • Our capacities are limited to:
    • 3 shop users in The Deep
    • 5 shop users in Metropolis
    • 2 people in Hotwork
  • In order to guarantee we stay within our capacity limits, all open hours users must reserve a space at The shops are divided into zones to ensure everyone has adequate space to work, and brief movements around the shop are acceptable. If the shop is at capacity, we have to be more careful.
  • Currently, reservation policies are fairly flexible – you can sign up just before coming in, and book different areas back to back.

Increased Hygiene

  • Wash your hands with soap and water when entering and leaving
  • Bring your own safety glasses if possible, sanitize them after use
  • Sanitize your workstation and tools with alcohol before and after use

Viral Transmission Reduction

  • Correctly wear an MIT approved cloth face covering
  • Do not approach anyone within 6 feet / 2 meters unless necessary, and then only briefly and with their consent
  • The No-PPE Zone is cancelled. Wear safety glasses from the time you enter the shop to the time you leave.

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