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This article enumerates the different article and content types we try to group content into on Note that this is not the same as the taxonomy. Content types refer to the rough structure and purpose of pages and posts. The same content type, for example a How-to Guide, might relate to a specific machine, a process, or a project, and could be categories in one or more places in the taxonomy.

Note to editors: please add and enhance this article. It’s intended to change and grow over time, not make policy.

Todo: for each type, add the name(s) of any post templates as well as custom field groups that are recommended/required for the content type.

How-to Guides

How-to Guides will step you through a complete project or process and are designed to follow along. They will usually lead off with a list of needed materials, tools, and skills. And you’ll have something to take away at the end, in the form of either a completed project or bragging rights for having executed a key process from beginning to end.

Tool Guides

Detailed guide to a tool or piece of equipment. May include example usage, and links to external references such as manufacturer’s notes, manuals, and data sheets.

Tool or Process Overview

A high level overview and introduction to a tool, type of tool, or process. Intended to set up to tool or process, lay out a pathway for learning more about it, and collect links to safety guides, tool guides, and related how-to guides.

Safety Guide

A safety guide and checklist related to a specific tool, process, or activity.

Learning Pathway

A collection of modules, training classes, and guides laid out in a sequence for develop deeper skills on a particular topic, tool, or process. If a learning pathway exists for a tool or process, link to that from the overview rather than repeating links to individual classes.

Makerspace Page

Makerspaces that have a site or web page elsewhere (outside of get a post as a reference. The post is usually named after the makerspace, and will link to both its external site and its page in Mobius.

However, makerspaces that want their landing page and sub-pages to live on will get page or multiple pages on instead of posts.

In either case, the post or page will be added to the category “Makerspace” so that the category will list all makerspaces. If a Makerspace has multiple pages on, only the landing page will be added to the category “Makerspace” to avoid multiple entries for the same space.

Skills Tutorial

Hone your skills in a very specific area. Some things you can only get better at with practice, and these tutorials will lay out simple ways to practice a technique intentionally to improve your skill, comfort level, and consistency.

Checklists, Procedures, and Manuals

These are documents that support and document execution of specific activities related to Project Manus and making. They are designed to drive consistent execution of the activity, and help you refresh your memory on it. Examples include space open and shutdown checklists, general safety checklists, agreed to best practices and procedures, and so on.

Administrative Documentation

Guides and documents that explain how to write for use this site, including best practices and guides for authors.

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