Universal VLS 3.50 Machine Operation Guide

Machine Hazard Class: 3
Applies to: Metropolis
Machine Status on Mobius: Universal VLS 3.50

Step 1 — Ensure that your material is safe to cut.

  • Check the allowable materials list
  • If your material is not listed or you are unsure what it is, ask shop staff

Step 2 — Start Up

  • Turn on ventilation for LASER 3
    • It will take about 3 minutes for the laser to power up
  • Open your file on the lasercutter computer
  • Load your workpiece at top left corner of the laser bed

Step 3 — Prepare your file for cutting

  • Set color mode to RGB
    • In Illustrator: File -> Document Color Mode -> RGB
  • Make artboard / paper the same size as printer bed
    • In Illustrator: File -> Document Setup -> Edit Artboards, set to 12″ x 24″
  • Ensure that line properties are correct for cutting and engraving
    • Vector Cut:
      • Stroke weight <= 0.1pt
      • Stroke color RGB Red #FF0000
    • Vector Engrave:
      • Stroke weight <= 0.1pt
      • Stroke color RGB Blue #000044
    • Raster Engrave:
      • Stroke weight > 0.1pt
      • Stroke color RGB Black #000000

Step 4 — Power On and Setup Laser

  • Press the Power button on the laser cutter front control panel
  • Send file to printer File->Print->Print
  • Open UCP control software

Step 5 — Focus

  • Click the Focus icon in UCP
  • Click where on the artboard you would like to focus
  • Use the plastic focus tool and adjust bed height using arrows

Step 6 — Material Settings

  • In UCP, Settings -> Material & Thickness -> Apply -> Ok
  • Do a test cut to verify settings

Step 7 — Ensure exhaust and air assist (compressor) are running

  • Feel for draft under front of laser cutter to verify exhaust
  • Turn on Compressed Air Assist Switch

Step 7 — Do an Air Cut to Verify Path

  • Open Lid
  • Press Start
  • Press Pause when you’re satisfied that the location, size, and speed are about right

Step 8 — Run Job

  • Close lid and press Start to run your job
  • Stay with laser cutter and maintain awareness of the cutting process in case of fire

Step 9 — Leave lid closed for ~3 minutes before retrieving your material

  • Remove material
  • Turn off Compressed Air Assist Switch
  • Turn off ventilation at main control panel
  • Log out of computer
  • Do not turn off laser
  • Clean up!

Step 10 — In Case of FIRE

  • Turn off Compressed Air Assist Switch
  • Turn off ventilation at main control panel
  • If fire does not go out, notify others in shop to evacuate, pull fire alarm on your way out

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