The Deep Mill Orientation for Manual Machinists

Step 1 Electronic Handwheels – No Feedback

  • The handwheels are not physically connected to the table motion
  • You will not feel anything if the table crashes into the tool or spindle
  • If you drive the tool into the vise or part with the handwheels, it will shatter without you ever feeling anything or using any effort.

Step 2 Entering DRO Mode

  • Release the E-stop by turning clockwise

Step 3 Entering and Exiting Jog Mode

  • We have the ability to use motorized, fed motion in all axes.
  • It is how we move the spindle-head, and aside from the quill, the only way we have of adjusting the Z axis.
  • Biggest rule of jog mode: exit jog mode as soon as you are done!!
  • Why? Generally when we are jogging we’re setting up. What’s the first step of setting up? Selecting an axis. What happens if you select an axis and you’re actually in jog mode? You move! This breaks tools!

Step 4 Fine / Coarse

  • Fine/Coarse mode enables us to change how much the table moves in one rotation of a handwheel.
  • If you are close to the part or cutting, you should be in fine mode.

Step 5 Touch Off Z

  • Never use jog mode to touch off the Z axis. Always use the quill!

Step 6 Touch Off XY

  • Run edgefinders at about 1200 RPM.

Step 7 Set Spindle Speed & On Switch

  • In DRO mode, hit “spin speed” to enter your speed.
  • Enter the desired spindle speed in RPM.
  • Hit “Abs set” to confirm.

Step 8 Pneumatic Drawbar

  • Insert wisdom here.

Step 9 Extras

  • Coolant – press the ACCESSORY button to turn on air blast. Use the knob on the coolant gun to control mist – a little goes a long way.
  • Inch / mm – press the inch/mm button to change DRO units

Step 10 Cleanup & Shutdown

  • Use compressed air to blow chips off the vise, table, and bellows.
  • Sweep floor
  • You can use the vacuum on small short chips, but not long stringy chips
  • Press ‘Mode’ on the control
  • Press the E-Stop on the control

Step 11 Extras – GOTO

Step 12 Extras – Power Feed

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