Manual Lathe 2: Rook

By completing this guide you will gain an understanding of how to use the tail stock on a lathe and also have a sweet new rook to add to your chess piece.

Step 1 — Trim the Stock

  • Use the band saw to trim a 1 in round of aluminum to 3 in long.

Step 2 — Chuck the Stock

  • Insert the stock in the chuck. Ensure at least 2 inches of stock are protruding.
  • Clamp the stock as tightly as you can
  • Do not take your hand off the key while it is in the chuck. Ensure you close the chuck cover.

Step 3 — Touch off the Tool

  • Put a Right-Hand Turning tool on the tool post and face the part to zero the Z axis
  • Turn a section and set the tool diameter in the DRO.

Step 4 — Turn the Rook Top

  • Turn a half inch section of the bar to .6 in OD

Step 5 — Drill the Rook Top

  • Insert a center drill in the tail stock.
  • Create a spot to center the next drilling operation
  • Drill .5 inches deep with a #42 drill bit
  • Drill .3 inches deep with a half inch end mill.
  • Install a spring center in the tail stock.
  • Tap the hole. Be careful not to bottom out the tap

Step 6 — Part off Rook Topper

  • Switch to the parting off tool
  • Using lots of brush on lubricant while quickly parting off the top piece.
  • Do not move the Z axis while parting off the top piece
  • Do not change the coordinate system while parting off.

Step 7 — Turn Rook Bottom

  • Put the right hand turning tool on the tool post.
  • Face the part and set the Z axis
  • Turn the entire part to .95 OD.
  • Turn a .55 in long section to .4in OD.
  • Turn a .2 in long section to .138 in OD

Step 8 — Turn Rook Radius

  • Start with the RH turn tool at X = .4 Z = +1.0 (the tool is 1 inch away from the face of the part)
  • Use the ‘Do-One’ Menu to set up a Radius of 1.49in
  • Move the tool in until it is at Z=-1.25 in
  • Move the tool back out , and reduce the Z by 30 thou. Repeat from step 1 until at a Z of -.55 in

Step 9 — Turn Rook Base

  • Using the Do-One menu turn the fillet on the top surface of the rook base.
  • See if you can figure out where to start the tool!
  • If you get stumped, try starting at the right diameter and approaching on the Z-axis while repeating do-one fillets

Step 10 — Finish Rook Base

  • Using the Parting Tool, separate the piece
  • Flip the part around in the chuck
  • Do the back filet on the base.

Step 11 — Finish the Rook

  • Screw the two together! Now you have a Rook!

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