Dremel 3D40 / 3D45 Machine Operation Guide

Applies to: Metropolis
Machine Hazard Class: 1
Note: The Dremel software has been disabled by Dremel and is unreliable.

Machine Status on Mobius:
3D40 Happy
3D40 Sleepy
3D45 Hopper
3D45 Lehmann

Step 1: Open Dremel Digilab and select the type of printer you will use

Step 2: Open your .stl file and orient on the build plate

  • Position in a way that minimizes support (as flat on the platform as possible and avoiding overhangs) to save print time and cleanup
  • Remember that the strength of your part also depends on the orientation you use

Step 3: Choose Print Settings

  • Select the material that is loaded in the printer
  • Choose infill density (high infill takes longer and uses more material
  • Choose quality (i.e. layer height – higher quality takes longer)
  • Choose whether to create supports (usually for overhangs greater than 45 degrees from vertical)

Step 4: Slice and Review, Save to USB

  • Hit Prepare
  • Review time and material use to see if settings are reasonable
    • If your print is over 12 hours, consider whether it could run with lower quality or infill settings
  • Plug in a USB stick and click Save to Removable Drive
    • File name as it will appear on the printer is shown in the lower right of the window

Step 5: Plug USB Stick into the Printer and Print

  • Plug in USB stick
  • Verify build platform is clean
  • Verify filament is unbroken in feed pathway
  • Press Build -> USB -> your model
  • Watch the first few layers to ensure bed adhesion
  • Do not leave until at least two full layers are printed
  • Nozzle will be hot

Step 6: Remove Part From Bed

  • If the printer has a flexible steel bed, detach it from the printer and flex it
  • On glass beds, use a putty knife to remove your print
  • Do not touch the nozzle – may be hot
  • Do not place your hand or body in the line of action of the putty knife

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