Make-at-Home Honeycomb

The Make-at-Home Honeycomb is a community art project where all members of our community are invited to make their own hexagon(s) that will be permanently displayed as part of a large honeycomb across both The Deep and Metropolis (and eventually the MET makerspace)!

  • Use the template below to make your hexagon the correct size.
  • Make it out of any (non-perishable, non-hazardous) material you have access to to at home and design it however you wish!
  • You may put your name on it but you don’t have to.
  • If your hexagon is relatively thick or heavy, consider including a means for attaching it to the wall.

When you’ve finished your hexagon, drop it in the regular or campus mail to:

MIT Project Manus
attn: Honeycomb
77 Massachusetts Ave
Bldg 35-237
Cambridge MA

OR if it’s a design that can simply be 3D printed, email metropolis-staff@ to see if we can run it remotely.

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