Wood Candy Dispenser


  • Bandsaw (1)
  • Drill Press (1)
  • Disc Sander (1)
  • Drill (1)


  • (3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.75″) Poplar Wood
  • Blocks (2)
  • 16 Oz Ball Mason Jar (1)
  • 1″ Screw (1)


  • Please read through this entire guide before starting to  prevent mistakes.
  • For this guide we will be working on two blocks of wood which will be laminated to make one piece.
  • Mason Jar is not provided: more notes on preparing your mason jar lid can be found at the final step of this guide.

Cut your stock

  • Find your 3.5″in. wide by 1.75″ thick wood stock.
  • With a measuring tape/ ruler, measure and mark 3.5″in. in length from the edge of the stock.
  • If the stock piece is not too long, use the bandsaw to cut straight across your line.
  • If stock is too long, find a smaller piece or ask a mentor/staff about helping you cut the stock.
  • CAUTION: Follow all safety protocols for using a bandsaw. Always be aware of the fast moving blade.
  • Repeat this step so you end up with two (2) 3.5″ x 3.5″ blocks.

Top block layout

  • Each block will require different cuts/operations.
  • Top Block: (bandsaw needed only)
    • On one of the square (big) faces of the block, mark all the midpoints on all 4 edges, then connect the midpoints to make 4 quadrants.
    • Choose one edge, and from its mid point line, measure and mark .75″ towards a corner. 2 marks total, one on each side of the line.
    • From these marks, measure and mark 1″ into the block, perpendicular to the edge. The goal is to draw a 1.5″ x 1″ rectangle with one side centered on the edge of the block.

Bottom block layout

  • On the other block, again, pick one of the square faces. Along one of the edges, mark the midpoint.
  • From this midpoint, measure and mark .75″ up towards the center of the block.
  • From this same midpoint, measure and mark .75″ downwards along the side face that is touching your midpoint.
  • These marks will be the centerpoint of your 1″ bit when making holes on the drill press.


  • Take the top block and cut out the  rectangle you drew.
  • You will first need to make the cuts along the lines that are perpendicular to the edge of the block. Notice you won’t we be able to cut parallel to the edge of the block.
  • You will need to slowly make diagonal cuts and remove material until you can get a good angle to cut along the line parallel to the edge.

Drill Press

  • On the drill press, center your piece so that you align the center of the bit to the mark you made on the square face of your bottom block.
  • Drill downwards 1″
  • On the side face where you made your mark, repeat the first step, but now drill .5″ into the block. The holes should cross.


  • Wipe your blocks of any dust and locate wood glue and some clamps.
  • Next, place the top block on top of the bottom block so that the cut-out is aligned with the hole. Square face should meet the other square face.
  • Mark where the lower block is exposed, so you know where not to spread glue.
  • Apply a thin layer of glue to the faces that will meet together.
  • Align the faces again and clamp them together. The glue will set in a couple of hours.


  • Once your glue has dried, bring your block assembly to a sander and soften all the edges and faces on the outside of the block.

Mason Jar Lid Prep

  • To complete this project, a mason jar that fits on top of the 3.5″ x 3.5″ block is needed. These can be purchased on amazon, or a nearby grocery store. Look for any “regular mouth” mason jar. The jar pictured is a “regular mouth pint jar”
  • Once you have your jar, you will need to disassemble the lid and measure 5/8″ towards the center of the lid from the edge.
  • Find a scrap block of wood, and on the drill press with the lid on top of the block, drill a .75″ hole through the lid.
  • Drill a 1/8″ pilot hole through the center of the lid.
  • Clean and assemble the lid, and use the 1″ screw to screw through the pilot hole and attach the lid to the center of your block assembly. Once the screw is tight, back off a quarter turn.


  • Thoroughly clean the dispenser of any dust
  • Fill your mason jar with your favorite small-to-medium sized candies. Skittles or M&M sized is ideal!
  • Flip the dispenser to screw the lid onto the mason jar.
  • Twist your jar. Once secured, ensure that the 3/4″ hole in the lid is not directly over the open space in the dispenser. Flip over your assembly.
  • To dispense your candy, slowly spin your dispenser around until the candy flows. To halt the flow, continue spinning the jar.

The end

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