Tiny Terrain Model

Close up of finished terrain model
Difficulty: Easy
Steps: 3
Time Required: 60 - 90 minutes

Step 1: Download STL

  • Choose a geographic location at Terrain2STL
  • Note: A mountain range, the Grand Canyon, or similar are best for small prints!
  • Adjust the box size and rotation
  • If you are in a relatively flat area, increase the vertical scaling
  • The base height can be used to make a thicker base for your model. Start at 0.5
  • Water Drop lowers bodies of water to help better distinguish land
  • Click “Download” to download the file

Step 2: Slice File

  • Open Cura
  • Open your STL file
  • Scale the model so that it fits inside of 40x40x20mm bounding box
  • Use a fast / low quality setting and low (approximately 20%) infill – or your print may not finish in time
  • Slice and verify that your model will print in 50 minutes or less

Step 3: Print

  • Save your file to a shop USB stick / SD card
  • Start the printer
  • Watch the first few layers
  • DO NOT scrape toward your hands or body when removing your print
  • Prusa article with more info and ideas

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