3D Printed Flexi-Beaver

Difficulty: Easy

Time required: 15 minutes

Step 1 Download Part File

Rendering of the flexi-beaver
  • Download Flexi Beaver.STL file
  • NOTE: This file, and other .STL files, can be modified in most CAD software packages like MeshMixer, Solidworks, etc.

Step 2: Slice Part

  • Open the file in the slicing software of your choice.
  • Rotate part so that it lies flat on the build plate.
  • Choose slicer and printer setting based on the 3D printer you will be using.
  • Nozzle size
  • Layer height
  • Infill (low)
  • Slice part and ensure that print time is acceptable.

Step 3: Save and Print the Part

  • Save the part to USB or SD depending upon your printer set-up.
  • NOTE: Some printers are WiFi capable, in which case sending the file to printer wirelessly will be an option.
  • Start the print on the machine.
  • Use all safety precautions for your 3D printer!

Step 4: Remove the Print and Clear the Print Bed

  • Remove print from print bed when finished.
  • Ensure that proper removal technique is used for your printer (e.g. no use of chisel/putty knife on Prusa flexible beds)
  • Never push toward your hands or body with a putty knife or chisel!
  • Nozzle and print bed may be hot!
  • Ensure that all material is removed from print bed and tools are put away.

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